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Portfolio update: Bury Hill (Part one)

Architectural visualisation services for property development.

Good morning! – Hope you all have that Friday feeling as we tumble towards another (hopefully) relaxing and rewarding weekend.

It’s been quite busy in the land of Click3D recently – most recently assistance has been delivered in the setting up of an in-house visualisation department at a design and build firm, with phase one complete and future phases waiting in the wings. So, taking that into account, perhaps it is time to add another image to the portfolio – This ...

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Tutorial#1: Masonry Designer

Good morning! A slightly different entry to the blog today, this being a tutorial on the Accurate Image Masonry Designer application. Creating brick textures is something which is often fraught with issue as a tiling texture on something with a large expanse, as brick is likely to be, is an instant image-killer.

So, this program and the tutorial as detailed below, goes some way to assisting at the very basic level and avoiding the main and common issue highlighted above. Without ...

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Portfolio update: Residential interior#2

3D visualisation for interior designers.

Good morning! Here is the second of two images created for M2M’s recent interior refurbishment project. Although the space was relatively small, two views were needed in order to show the full intent of the designer’s concept for the space, and these two images satisfied that need, both in the technical sense and also to the satisfaction of the client and designer, hence the recent testimonial.

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