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It must be about time for an update from Click3D towers I hear you cry? Well, in truth, it may well be since the last few updates have been about the successful Edge House project meaning that developments from within the studio have been scarce.

So, perhaps the main point of interest is the ongoing collaboration between Click3D and aspiring street artist Jenxfive: This project emanated from eBay of all places when one party bought some books from the other and a conversation began. So far it has developed into a project whereby Click3D is providing the modelling expertise and Jenxfive is creating all manner of fantastic art to be applied to any number of surfaces. Perhaps the best part of this project is that it is wholly organic with both parties driving and influencing the other, meaning that neither has a set agenda in that sense and all opinions are discussed and given equal weight. As things stand, the majority of the scene has been built and a mood established – the intent is to create a very grimy scene, yet not one that is too oppressive, indicating that a lot of post-production on the textures will be required – and now we wait for the first test renders to be completed before we move on once again. As and when that happens we’ll be sure to update you.

Oh, and by the way, here’s a link to some of Jenxfive’s work in case you’d like to see it: Jenxfive vs Click3D

Other than that, a short-term (and short-notice) project has been successfully completed and gave Click3D the opportunity to once again work with the highly talented (which is probably a gross understatement to be fair!) Luis Cardoso. Seven images of a marketing suite were required within three days, modifying existing scenes as necessary taking on board client comments in order to deliver the latest revisions for presentation. A short but ultimately very enjoyable trip to Fitzrovia.

Above and beyond that, constructive meetings have taken place and enquiries continue to come in – perhaps driven by obsessive/persistent use of Twitter?! – which is both gratifying and encouraging. As and where they may lead who’s to say, but it does give an indication that, perhaps, things are looking up.

Anywau, until the next time….



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