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Online tutorial released


As you can no doubt see, it’s been rather quiet for a little while on the blog and post front, this being due to continued work on a project in Asia as well as a brand new online tutorial which is now available to view and subscribe to at Digital Tutors – here is a link to Click3D’s first-ever video tutorial for you all:

The tutorial covers Photoshop post-production in the main with a little VRay preparation to begin ...

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Tutorial#1: Masonry Designer

Good morning! A slightly different entry to the blog today, this being a tutorial on the Accurate Image Masonry Designer application. Creating brick textures is something which is often fraught with issue as a tiling texture on something with a large expanse, as brick is likely to be, is an instant image-killer.

So, this program and the tutorial as detailed below, goes some way to assisting at the very basic level and avoiding the main and common issue highlighted above. Without ...

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