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Concept design visualisation for a property on the French Riviera.

Once again the time between blog posts is noticeably large, thanks once again to being rather busy with one thing and another, not all of which are visualisation-related. Anyway, this post is the first in a series of images created for a personal concept located somewhere along the French Riviera. Given that it evolved from sketches and experimentation alone it’s probably wise not to scrutinise the concept’s architectural viability!

So, as a brief overview, this project evolved from some doodles drawn in down time and also the wish to experiment more with night-time shots as well as texturing, with specific reference to the landscape, and also general modelling. Additionally, it came to be through the idle wondering of what it would be like to have enough money to build one’s own unique property, hence its evolution through simple pen and ink drawings rather than rigorous architectural process. Given that, the look and feel of the project are very pleasing as the totally open brief presented a specific set of challenges in terms of what to include, where, how and also scale.

The shell of the building is based on a 15-metre wide box with a depth of 30 metres and a height of six metres with the conceived location presenting an opportunity – and indeed a challenge – to resolve issues such as access and making the most of the available space, hence the road-to-car-port access and lift down to the residential levels thereon. Beyond that, the division of space proved to be a challenge in terms of providing what the client might want and the areas and volumes which would be required – once again the lack of a rigid brief created its own problems through the lack of formal(ised) boundaries, offering another opportunity by way of personal challenge through space planning.

Ultimately, the rendering process delivered adequate images given the planned investigations but not to the level that was desired, hence the reason why a number of layers beyond the standard VRay channels were added in Photoshop to create the foreground and background expanses. Taking that into account, this also presented an unforeseen yet enjoyable challenge by way of blending various textures together in an attempt to create a cohesive and believable whole which should be beneficial in projects to come, hopefully immediately evidenced in future shots of this project, the next of which is to be located on the decking area with daytime comparison shots and interior stills to follow.

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