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Photoshop visualisation….on a Mac!

So, it’s clearly been quiet on the count of blog updates from Click3D for the last few weeks and there’s good reason for that (well, if we’re honest with each other, ways and means could be found around it but let’s not dilute the idea of heroic self-sacrifice for now…), that being working in-house on some illustrations for an Italian bag and accessory company with a workflow which required a different approach from the usual methodology.

Key to this project was that the images were not created mainly in a 3D program but in Photoshop – Basic elements were rendered in Vectorworks and everything compiled and enhanced in post-production, meaning that a rhythm had to be established for the techniques used to ensure a continuity from image to image and site to site.

To enable this, the design team were asked to create individual base renders of all elements, fixtures and fittings such as floor, ceiling and freestanding units, as well as a “chalk” version for shadows  which allowed the creation of separate layers and layer masks in Photoshop and therefore enabled item-specific control. Thereon, finishes such as timber and marble were added, colours edited using a combination of blending layers, curves and levels and finally compiled as copied and merged layers with some subtle additional enhancements such as Overlay and Color [sic] Burn.

As already mentioned, it was vitally important to establish a continuity between all final images on account of client expectation of a certain style and also for general consistency. Whilst the processes involved became easier as time went on, each site presented individual challenges on account of variations in lighting and camera, something which would naturally be far more easily controlled within the standard 3DS Max and VRay approach.

As the title of this posts suggests, this was all done on a Mac, the first time that Click3D has worked with a machine for an extended period of time. Suffice to say that it wasn’t the terrifying experience that some might have you believe , although we remain unconvinced about the claim that such a system is far and away better than the more common PC-based solution…Make of that what you will!

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