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Portfolio update: Heathrow T2

Architectural illustration of bar proposal

It’s been a busy few weeks in Click3D-world so the lack of portfolio updates (or updates at all, for that matter) probably isn’t all that surprising. To remedy that, added to the portfolio today is one of three images created for a pitch presentation for a luxury bar in Heathrow’s Terminal Two.

Whereas most architectural visualisation projects rely on or are guided by CAD submissions and specific material details, this was notable for their absence, apart from a floorplan and a number of reference images – All other elements had to be created from sketches using best judgement and prior experience. Overall this added a – dare we say it – fun element to the project as it encouraged even more of a conversational degree to proceedings.

As already mentioned, the images were to be used for a pitch, meaning that (life)style was arguably more important than total accuracy, this being one of luxury and reward for travellers and their associates, and especially not solely for business or the wealthy, so be that someone driving them to the airport, picking them up or simply prior to departing on or arriving from their journey. The style of the final images reflected this, hence a fairly muted tonal palette with blending layers added as the final part of post-production to add richness and use of the classic God ray technique.


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